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Human Pet Guides!!!xD (where To Get All Pets) Empty Human Pet Guides!!!xD (where To Get All Pets)

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Xaolan (EARTH)
1. Enter the first house in Kelan Village talk to Xaolan and her grandmother. Kill the pirates attacking them, and they will leave again.
2. Exit Kelan in south, and enter North Island. You will see a '?', walk towards it and see Xaolan tied to a tree stump, surrounded by more pirates. Defeat them again and Xaolan will go home.
3. Return to Xaolan's house to find her grandma has died, Xaolan joins team.

Roca (FIRE)
1. Enter the leaders house in Kelan, talk to the leader and Roca will join your team to help with the scroll quest in Kelan Cave.
2. Head to the 3rd floor of the cave and kill the lvl 7 chameleon, collect the scroll and return to the leader.
3. Give the leader the scroll and talk to him again, Roca will rejoin you.

Niss (WATER)
1. Exit Kelan by south. Enter North Island.
2. You will see a '?' in the northeast corner. Talk to the girl under the tree and she will join your team.
3. In order to get Niss' wand, head to Kama Cave by the lake on North Island, go to the 3rd floor, through the southeast portal. With Niss on battle mode, walk to the tree and collect her wand.

Elin (EARTH)
1. Collect the pink dress from the first house in Holy, where you lose Roca.
2. Go to the well, talk to Grandma and she will tell you there are strange noises coming from the well. Make a rope ladder and enter the well.
3. Firstly, head into the portal down the steps and complete the mirror-light puzzle then enter the room. Click the chest and 3 trolls will appear (lvl 60 2200HP each), kill them and open the chest to take they key.
4. Exit the room and go through the portal on the other side of the steps. Head to the west, and talk to the ETs by the door...battle them (1200HP) and enter the room. Click the desk, and click the glass where Elin is contained - she will put the dress on and join your team.

Clive (WIND)
1. Sail from South Island to the cave on the south coast. Enter the pirate den, and go to the northeast door.
2. Talk to the pirates on the door, 3 battles lay ahead. The first battle is 2 pirates, 750HP - the second is 4 pirates, the third is 2 again.
3. After the battle Clive will join your team, open the treasure chests for your rewards and the quest is complete!

Magellan (EARTH)
1. Firstly, you must have got Clive, and completed Ferdinand's quest in the bar in Holy Village. You need Clive in team, and the King Certificate.
2. Sail from South Island, past Cook's Fleet in a southeast direction to land on Magellan's Fleet (see map if you're having difficulty finding it).
3. Talk to Bo-sun and fight him with his 2 guards (1K + 800HP), after defeating them he will tear up your King Certificate - thus you cannot land on this ship again. Leave the ship for the pirate den.
4. Head back to the cave on South Island's coast, this time go to the door in the southwest. Talk to the pirates at the door and enter inside. Make your way to the far portal and you will see a ship.
5. Get aboard the ship and go below deck, set Clive to battle mode and enter the first room you can. Talk to Magellan (not possible without Clive on battle) and a battle will commence with 8 pirates (around 800HP), kill them and go back upstairs.
6. Talk to Magellan and the pirates again, and fight with them. Magellan will join you in battle so you can only have maximum of 3 in your team here. Kill the pirates (8 of them with 800HP, they respawn once). Magellan joins your team and you also gain a star.


Shasha (WATER)
1. Go to Maya. Enter the village, and the first house on your left, a cutscene will play where Shasha is taken from her parents, they ask you to rescue her.
2. Exit the house, and head towards the leaders house, go further to find a Priest stood before a huge hole. Talk to him and he will tell you about a sacrifice for the village.
3. Click the hole to enter it, once down inside complete the puzzle to enter the next room and talk to the ET. You must then fight with him (12K HP) and Shasha will join your team.
4. Take her back to her parents to gain reward of magic carpet.

Kanako (WATER)
1. Go to Koyota (Japan). On the forest map there will be a '?' in the trees somewhere in the middle, and you will find a rabbit lying on the ground hit by an arrow.
2. Talk to the rabbit and Kanako will come and tell you she needs 'nigri sashimi'. Head to the village and you can pick it up in the Geisha Bar on the table, take it back to her and she will go, leaving a comb behind, pick it up.
3. The game will now tell you Kanako has gone to the village...this is incorrect, she has actually gone to the forest in the northwest, head through that portal then again through the next one til you see the '?'.
4. There will be a young boy surrounded by Casino guards, talk to him and the battle will start, around 4 of them to kill. Heal then talk to the boy again and Kanako will appear (you only need 3 people in your team as Kanako joins the battle to help you) kill the next set of guards.
5. Talk to the boy again and return the comb to Kanako, she will join.

Qlaya (WIND)
1. Go to Maya. Find the Priest and the wounded man on the west side of the forest map, the Priest takes a girl away - the man's sister. He asks you to follow them and save her.
2. Enter the village, and head towards the ruins next to the leaders house. Walk up the steps, click the stone slab on the wall and a door will appear, enter inside.
3. Make your way through the portal to the next room, go left and you will come across a huge rock monster and troll, fight them to gain access to the next room.
4. Here you will find the Priest, talk to him and he will fight with 2 guards, using stone walls to protect both them and himself. After completion of this fight you have no time to heal before being dragged into another as the Priest turns into an ET.
5. Battle with the ET (26K HP) and 7 other ETs (1k HP) they do a lot of damage as they all use ray guns... so it's a tough fight. Kill them and Qlaya joins you. Take her back to her brother to complete the quest.

Frederico (FIRE)
This is the hardest and longest quest in the game for any pet so far. You will need a very strong team to complete all battles, and plenty of food. If you're below level 120 or so, which you most likely are... it's possible your equips could break during some of these battles so be prepared for that.

CONDITIONS: In order to start any of these battles, the following must be completed;
Roca's Fathers Death and Roca rejoined team
Roca's Quest on Stoowa Isle (Disappearing Villager)
Niss' Wand Quest
La Tim's Lease
Clive quest (and Magellan if you want him before it's too late)
Clive's talk to pirates in Holy Village Bar (must have Clive on battle with Roca in team - pirates say Fred is hiding on Revival Isle)

1. Make your way to Revival Isle with Clive and Roca in party. Enter the cave at the base of the volcano, and through the door on the top left... here you will be asked if you agree for Clive to leave the team... the only way you can get him back now is by completing the quest and reviving him with stars. He will stay and fight the guards for you. Enter the next room. Set Roca on battle, unequip any items you don't want broken on her and talk to Fred, he splits into 3 (wind -17KHP, fire -12K HP, and water 45K HP). You can only do damage to him with Roca as your battle pet, if you have goddess buff Roca to hit him hard... she has huge protection against him (his hits do 1-5dmg) because of the agreement with La Tim. This is a long battle depending on your Roca level, it can take 10-45mins. After the fight Fred escapes on his dragon, take the treasure (Devil's Spar +14 stats) and go back to Clive. Before dying he will give you 3 stars and a swift necklace (only used by wind).

2. Now make your way to Korea with Niss in your team. Talk to the old woman walking in the village then enter the first house, there is a woman to her, she tells you about Niss, her language and her parents, and that you need to obtain 3 sealed beads to restore her memory. The first of which is in Egypt.

3. Head to Egypt with Niss still in your party. Enter Cairo where the pyramids are, and towards the first pyramid. Talk to the Archaeologist by the entrance of the pyramid, he tells you about a truth stone. Use a flying vehicle to get to the top of the pyramid, enter the door and take the truth stone. Now enter the pyramid through the door on the ground, take the left path to go downstairs, again go left into the last room with 3 smaller rooms branching out - go to the bottom middle where the sarcophagus is. Click the bead on the stone platform and a battle will begin with 3 mummies that use debuffs (1100HP), kill them and take the bead, exit the pyramid.

4. Now go to the Androsphinx statue (Lion's body with Pharoah head) in the same area. Stand before it with the truth stone in your inventory and a cutscene will play where the stone slots into the statues chest and a door is revealed. Enter through here and you will find a statue surrounded by mummies, talk to the statue and a battle will begin with Anubis (around 20K HP). Kill him and Fred will appear, and you will be attacked by Anubis (this time 22K HP) and 7 mummies that deuff like crazy. Kill them and Anubis gives you the Key to Ghostdom.

5. From here on, you need an extremely strong party. With Niss in your team and the bead, make your way to Iceberg. You will need an aircraft again. Fly over the entrance of the Iceberg and enter the door, go upstairs, then head to the big room in the top right. You will find 4 bead protectors and the next sealed bead, talk to them and they will turn into 4 dragons (lvl 120+, 26k HP), kill them and get the bead.

6.The third and final bead is in Maya. Take Niss and both beads with you, you'll also need the aircraft again. Go towards the dodgeball players, and fly up to the top of that pyramid (you need to have spoken to a villager about the Illusion Room before you can enter). Enter the door, down the stairs and to the room in the top right. The last bead is here, click it and guards will appear...defeat them to take the bead. Pattis will appear with a bead protector, and she tells you to put the beads on the pedestals, place them and Dark Niss will come out killing Pattis and the protector, then reviving the guards you killed. Dark Niss will then attack you, if you have a sweet or baked potato, use it immediately to take her magic or she will most likely spawn you. Defeat her and Niss absorbs her darker self, now she can talk normal.

7. Next we go to Hawaii, this requires Roca and Niss in team. Enter the cave and make your way to the top. A cutscene will start with the 2 of them talking, and they find a star pendant on the ground.

8. Next stop, Sky City. You MUST fly's the only way to access the island - you also need Niss in team. Head for the gates to find there is a seal on the door, Niss will release it. Inside her parents are imprisoned, and you will find out how she was separated from her brother...guess who? FREDERICO. You'll get a star, Niss amity+5, and a decree here (Pass of the Underground Lord).

9. Last stop is Ghost Isle. Here you will need Niss and Roca in team, the star necklace from Hawaii, the Pass of the Underground Lord and the Key to Ghostdom. You will come across 5 Freds (fire, earth, wind, water, water - all HP above 40k). Kill them and Niss will die, Fred will join your team and you also gain a 20% exp capsule.

Now you can show your Fred off.



This quest is on Stoowa Isle. Make your way to the 3rd floor and in the top right corner, click the statue to reveal a secret door. Enter the room and head again, to the top right corner. You will see a giant spider sitting in it's web... talk to it and he will fight you (lvl 100 10K HP) with regular spiders aiding him. Kill the spiders and a cutscene will show it possessing Xaolan, you must kill her to stop him gaining her power.
Reward: 3 stars
REVIVE COST: 4 stars

Niss is killed in the last battle of Fred's quest (see above) by her own brother.

This quest is in the first stage of Fred's quest, on Revival Isle. Enter the cave at the base of the volcano and then through the top left portal. Clive will sacrifice himself to save you from the guards.
Reward: Swift Necklace, 2 stars

After getting Shasha's amity to 70, you can take her back to Maya, to the stone door in the forest area, enter with her. Follow the paths until you reach a room containing 3 ETs (12K HP each). Shasha will sacrifice herself to save you, but you still have to fight the ETs.
Reward: 2 stars, UFO design after 2nd battle in Maya
NOTE: Once revived, Shasha's stats are doubled.

With Fred and Roca in team go to Ghost Isle - to the same spot where you do the last Fred battle. You will be asked if you want Roca to leave your team forever, click yes and go towards the Hell Power Stone. First there is 2 fights with 4 guards (800HP), then Evil Snake Woman (27K HP) and snakes (700HP), using a potato on her makes it easy, but not necessarily needed.
Reward: Amber Earrings (HP+150), 4 stars.
REVIVE COST: 6 stars

With Qlaya in team, travel to the very top of the building in Inca, where the Priest is found. Enter the door on your left to find the statue that looks like Qlaya and a man, talk to him and he gives you 1 star and a hope necklace. Now exit this room, and go in the door on your right... make your way down the floors til you come into a room with 2 of the statues you saw previously. Click the one with no necklace on, then continue ahead. In the next room head straight forward, click the unlit torch on the wall and the trapdoor opens. Again, continue to the next room to find a man sat inside a jail... talk to him and Berthaud the vampire arrives, battle with him and bats (19K HP + 8K each and respawns).
Reward: 5% capsule
Next step; travel to the moon with Qlaya in team and enter the door on the bottom left. Enter through the next door and talk to Luna to fight 4 guards (all elements) with 13K HP and respawns.

TO Be Continued!!!!!!xD lol!

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